Manual (wooden tubs, basins, tubs, plunge tubs)


The wooden tubs are made of acacia wood, available with either galvanized or stainless steel bands.

The lifetime of the products - mainly because of resistance to fungi - is also without surface treatment for 15-20 years.

For external use we manufacture the tubs with either oil paint or natural (untreated), for internal use with oil or silk varnish paint or natural. With the paint coating, the effect of water is minimal, but we don´t recommend this one for outside, because it´s lifetime will be greatly reduced because of the sunshine.
With the oil or lacquer paint the surface of the tub stays cleaner.

For internal use we recommend the variation with legs. . In this embodiment, the built-in water drainage can be connected to the sewage system, and you can also clean the area under the tub. A water overflow can also be built into the tub. In this case it is necessary to coordinate the placement of the water drainage and the water overflow. (The water overflow pipe is mounted outside the tub, so it is better to place it on the invisible side.) /

Above 80 cm height, we recommend the use of a staircase.

You can also order a ladder into the tub, even with railings.

Seats can also be installed inn the wells. They also serve as steps. These accessories are always mounted, otherwise they would float on the water surface.

The accessories are always mounted with stainless components.


Important Safety Warning:

The built-in oven garden tub must be heated with wood or wood briquettes. The flue pipe has to be at least 10 cm below the water surface. The kiln sitter separation may be not even temporarily removed. The 2 m long flue pipe and rain protection inseparable parts of the furnace. The flue pipe is only cooled by the air, it is hot, so you should not touch it. The oven lid should be gripped only by the wooden handle.
The flue pipe is only cooled by the air, it is hot, so you should
not touch it. The oven lid should be gripped only by the wooden handle.

The tubes especially with the natural and oiled surfaces can have smaller form and dimensions changes because of the moisture. This is an unchangeable characteristic of wood. This does not affect the aesthetical and functional characteristics of the product. If you follow the instructions, this effect is going to be less intensive.

  1. The tub should be either permanently or only 1-2 hours each day filled with water.
  2. If the tub is filled permanently, you must change the water regularly and/or clean the water.
  3. If the tub is also used in the winter, you have to take care about defrosting.
  4. If the tub is not used in winter, you should remove the water and store the tube under a roof or cover with foil.
  5. Under no circumstances should you store the garden tub in heated, dry room.
  6. The oiled tub should be repainted once a year with Sadolin Wood Oil.
  7. The scratches on the lacquered tray should be repaired immediately. (If the water flows under the paint, the paint can peel off even more.)
  8. To clean the surface, you can use a soft brush or cloth and ordinary cleansers (but not abrasive). A sample purification on a small area, especially on a lacquered tray is still required.
  9. If the steel bands were due to the drying loose - it will not happen if you use the tub in accordance with the instructions - you can tighten it yourself.

The water in the natural and oiled tubes can get a little brown at the first two or three uses because of the oils and tannic acids in the wood. This has no negative effects.

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